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Beware the Puns!

Done for no real reason -- re_image post. I'm so amused X3

Also, I fail at Force Lightning :\

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30% view. 70% done. Coming along.
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I know it's large... :x

I'm still working on that HUGE image. I'm tired of hearing about Michael Jackson. I'm doing my best to stay away from those Doctor Who spoilers on [livejournal.com profile] doctorwho since I've only seen up to episode seven. I'm doing my very best to get enough sleep (and failing horribly, it seems). And I'm quite obsessed with both spinning wool into yarn and playing Cave Story.

I want a set of double-ended knitting needles -- I can't find my old ones :\

...kinda need to make a new layout for M-C.com, too. I know what I want for it, but I can't seem to *DO* it. Because I'm digitally moved to *paint* and I want it to be sketchy, like it was done with heavy inks. Bah :\
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Bigger image here. )

Remember, folks -- this is mouse-drawn. I've spent a total of about ten hours on this so far. It's 4000x3000 pixels. No joke. Each one of those rocks is hand drawn with the mouse, too.
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No new update for the watercolour painting, just a little digital piece I'm working on -- it's 4000px by 3000px. For the OekakiCentral contest going on right now.

Mum told me to have the villainous beast(s) be attack geese. I'm thinking about it.

In other news, M-C.com is down. I don't know when it will be back up, my host is... gone? oO; And I hope to get the watercolour finished by the end of the week. Here's hoping.
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Shi painter, oekakicentral.com/farm -- neopets fanart. Roughly 300 minutes. Mouse drawn. Don't you just love it? XD Shamendrick the Mutant Blumaroo with her Fangy, Almalthea, and a naughty little Moach :) (Yes, these are mine -- I'm under the name aldebaraan there :D )

No winning spot for my column, so it goes home with me soon enough.

Watching Bravo's 100 Scariest movies of all time. Two of the movies I don't understand why they're there... Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory... and The Wizard of Oz. Those... aren't scary oO;
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Original designings.

What I'm currently working on. (Sketchbook fodder.)
--Catching up-to-date--

1. line work for 2-D design; 2. my first attempt at using Adobe Illustrator CS (if anyone has tutorials, please direct me to them!); 3. column piece, 2-D planning; 4. column piece, 3-D planning; 5. alternate 3-D column plans

Not so very scrappies:

Since I've last updated this, I've done the following:
* been accepted into VCU's sculpture department for Fall 2005
* 2- and 3-D column pieces have moved onwards to the final judging round. Will know outcome May 4th.
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I'm here whenever any of you need me. Just remember that.

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