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Beware the Puns!

Done for no real reason -- re_image post. I'm so amused X3

Also, I fail at Force Lightning :\

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Bigger image and close-up shots of the Unicorn and the Bull )

FINALLY finished with this. Will be for sale, but not by private treaty -- public auction as soon as I figure out if I want it up at Furbid or eBay. Suggestions? (I can't find my ruler to measure and I can't remember the dimensions... mebbe I typed those up elsewhere...)

Strathmore illustration board, Prang watercolours and watered down acrylic paint -- signed and dated in black acrylic ink along the border. A great deal of time off and on between the end of the spring semester and about 45 minutes ago.

I'd scan it, but my scanner isn't big enough -- not even for piecing; it eats the colour up.
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My lace-weight yarn is driving me insane... because it is lace-weight. Ish. That's two-ply in grease (unwashed, raw wool) yarn knitted with American size 7 knitting needles. Ten stitches across. One inch. By, uh... about seven inches, I guess (I'm too lazy to go about finding one of my rulers... they're in one of my boxes. Somewhere)... random stitches. And stockinette! Because I just learned how with straight needles. After having knitted for ten years.

And because I am boldly moving into the textiles, I'm reading up on business stuff. No touchy, it's mine. Love my books.

Cross-posted to [livejournal.com profile] spinningfiber. Because I can.


I've gotten a few pictures together of what little progress I've made on the watercolour... eh. I hope I am motivated soon to get it finished because I really do like it.

Cut because there are too many pictures floating about as it is =P )
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Lint thinks homemade yarn is interesting... he also thinks lanolin-covered fingers are tasty.

And for those of you wondering... I did finish that Doctor Who cutouts thing for 2-D design concepts. I haven't bothered to scan it because... uh... it's a pain in the ass trying to use the other computer. It's sooooo sloooooow.

Remember kiddies -- each square is 2"x2" (total of 10"x10" worked space) of 1-ply black cardstock. Cut carefully. And pasted onto white illustration board.
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Take a peek inside my sketchbook?

Read more... )

I hate the fact that I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to get the camera to love me. It won't lemme take the dates off =\
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Coming along.
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Watercolours, this time. Coming along pretty decently and I'm having a blast with my corner, there :D (...yeah, just forget about my corner, it's suggestive colour/form)
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Shi painter, oekakicentral.com/farm -- neopets fanart. Roughly 300 minutes. Mouse drawn. Don't you just love it? XD Shamendrick the Mutant Blumaroo with her Fangy, Almalthea, and a naughty little Moach :) (Yes, these are mine -- I'm under the name aldebaraan there :D )

No winning spot for my column, so it goes home with me soon enough.

Watching Bravo's 100 Scariest movies of all time. Two of the movies I don't understand why they're there... Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory... and The Wizard of Oz. Those... aren't scary oO;
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1. sketchbook drivel; last unicorn and the red bull -- will be personal project for the upcoming break (watercolours on illustration board) -- some sort of inking pen over non-photo blue pencil; prismacolor pencil overlay

2. concept: 50/50 -- turned out great! craft: 50/50 -- nice and clean (1/2 late x2 -10) 90/100 B; 2-D Design Concepts homework. Create a piece of work using three 'textures', any way you like. Base it upon the animal you choose from the bowl (got horse). Materials: Page 924 (Photo-Photographers) from the Richmond-Metro 2005 yellow pages; yellow and orange highlighters, black micron inkpen, white gel pen, Paris-France from 1972 National Geographic and the hair of a girl studying in said city from said National Geographic.

As far as the piece I was working on last night/this morning, it has been turned in. We shall never speak of it again.
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Working, still! Finally have it out of the sketchbook and onto illustration board (omg that stuff's expensive :x ) and this is where it is, currently. Paper is 22"x10", just so you know. Oh, and acrylic paint. Oy. At least I can say they're better than gouache!

*fixes image so it doesn't stretch [livejournal.com profile] drazzi's friends page*

Finished product )

Utter failure. Stayed up all night for this and, bah. I should have slept -- I could have chunked this together in the afternoon before class. Oh well, live and learn. And remember to get a better shade of yellow in your paints. Canary yellow is right bit nasty for primary mixing -- red in there never makes a proper orange. You get a sort of horrible salmon colour, instead.

Biology exam at 8am, so there's no use sleeping now.
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Original designings.

What I'm currently working on. (Sketchbook fodder.)
--Catching up-to-date--

1. line work for 2-D design; 2. my first attempt at using Adobe Illustrator CS (if anyone has tutorials, please direct me to them!); 3. column piece, 2-D planning; 4. column piece, 3-D planning; 5. alternate 3-D column plans

Not so very scrappies:

Since I've last updated this, I've done the following:
* been accepted into VCU's sculpture department for Fall 2005
* 2- and 3-D column pieces have moved onwards to the final judging round. Will know outcome May 4th.

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