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It's not coming along fast enough. I'm glad I went with Plan B.

The white fluff is dorset wool that I'm slowly getting to look like the bottom jaw of the sheep. Who will, eventually, be able to hold the teddy bear's leg in it's mouth.
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Because I neglected to get images of each of the larger pieces I did last school year, here's a run-down of things:

Crocheted Paper -- for Studio (I) 'Make an object out of 100 identical objects.' I used 100 identical strips of paper :P The writing says 'paper ink yarn' over and over again.

Cathedral -- for Perspective class. We were to replicate the image we were given of the Sistine Chapel. SUCKED, omg. Different grades of pencil.

Life in Chalk -- followed by other various bits and pieces, namely warm up excersises for Figure Drawing I (same lady, pencil; same lady, playing with charcoal and coloured chalks; same lady, pencil sketches; different lady, warm-up poses, pencil; that lady again, pencil; man, charcoal practice; man again, coloured chalks)... I can at least say I did get a lot of figure drawing practice -- this isn't even half of what I managed to get done in this particular class. The 1- and 5-minute warm ups were always my favorite -- we were forced to move to the next pose each time our time was up.

Tetris -- you've seen a low-quality version of this one before, but here's a better one. With the tips of my feet in the picture so you got a sense of how big it actually is -- mid-term for Studio (I). 'Recreate or create a new piece that uses a theme/excersise from the first part of the year' -- Self-portrait, diagram of a routine (though it is slightly messed up), fractal geometry. Eleven hours of work, straight through. Marker and graded pencils.

Abuse Diagram -- the 2-D drawing of the 3-D piece I've shown before. This is what I was working on the night before it was due :P Ink and prismacolour marker, 3-D Design -- 'Create a piece that represents a social issue.'

Sugar Rush -- last minute thrown-together piece for portfolio review. Odds and ends... basically how I sustained myself for the entire week before portfolio deadline. Days and nights without sleep and loads and loads of sugar, sodas and odd things that came out of my head that I ran with. Though sugar does make me sleepy, I don't know how I managed to stay up for days at a time to finish that damn thing. Copper wire, thread, buttons, sequins, transparent seed beads and a 'natural sugar' packet. (Oooooh, I love that kind of sugar!)

Figure Lying Down -- my best figure drawing piece ever. Albert hardly ever said anything to me while I was working on it until the feet, which he helped me with a great deal. Though I can't see worth crap, he spoke of the body in a way I could see mentally and then convert to paper. Pencil on bristol vellum (if you can't get the stuff, don't take his class -- that's all you use).

Fern Column -- coloured pencil over watercolours on marbled paper. The 2-D piece to accompany the 3-D final column project.

There we are, then! Don't say I never gave you anything :P
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That's why I shouldn't be allowed to draw during class. I get nothing done, I just doodle. Sure, it's on topic... but I can't use it for my final.

Ball point pen in my sketchbook.
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So there's the book cover. Watercolours and gouache over pen and ink on watercolour paper. The scanner isn't acting properly so I took what ended up being a rather blurry picture of it. Who cares, anyway, right? I'll end up finding a properly working scanner soon and I'll impose the title and so forth digitally.

And there's the HUNTERS SUCK yarn. 102 yards, two-ply, not for sale. In response to [livejournal.com profile] fiber_friday's prompt 'Leftovers' for December 2nd. Kool-Aid dyed scottish black face wool plyed with a natural brown English Leicester, Salish, and Merino cross wool. Harsh and soft all rolled into one.

That's all for now. Time to go work on my sculpture final. And possibly dinner.
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Hoorah for sketchies! Concepts for book.
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Because I can :P Reposting the two I've posted before (there are differences now, so don't think I'm just posting for no reason....) and all are click for bigger.

Last bit was me trying to figure out how I wanted to draw her :\

Working on sculpture project today. Due 9am Friday. Wish me luck D:
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Because I'm silly I'm going to post all of my drawings from Imagery for Children that I've not yet posted as scans. Other than two, one of which I stupidly deleted and one of which won't scan properly.

Christmas Tree -- the little shepherdess and her cheeky sheep... crow quill nib, speedball black acrylic ink -- done on thin charcoal paper.

Snow Monster -- the little shepherdess out in the snow (response to Snow Shepherdess... of which I stupidly deleted). Crow quill nib, black acrylic ink, washed with watered down speedball black acrylic ink. Watercolour paper.

...that's a branch with dried leaves sticking out of the monster's mouth, btw, to simulate fire being breathed onto the snow sheep :P

Stippled tiger of DOOM -- stippling is the use of a bunch of little dots to create a larger image. I'm insane for liking the technique as it takes forever. I don't have forever.

Close-up of the tiger's face just so you can see how insane I really am. Crow quill nib, speedball black acrylic ink -- strathmore illustration board, 8.5"x11".

Something I'm working on for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Kinda large (beware). Not sure if I'll ever have time to actually finish it, though. Crow quill nib, speedball acrylic inks in black and white. 8.5"x11" burgandy Mi-Teintes paper by Canson.
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Got bored at the livestock auction yesterday (it started at 3:30pm, we left at 6:30 and there were still lots of cattle left to go through before they could call it quits for the night) so I doodled my buffalo guy a few times.

Red RSVP pen. Gotta love the sketchbook fodder :P
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Doodle in my sketchbook -- red RSVP pen and black size 01 and 08 sakura micron pens.

Hard to believe that I'll be 21 in thirteen days.... It'll be just like when I turned 18 -- nothing special, just another day older. Sure, I'll be able to legally buy booze AND tobacco, but... the only people I'd be buying either for would be my parents for special occassions and/or gifts.

Waiting for my wool to finish drying, lalala.
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Take a peek inside my sketchbook?

Read more... )

I hate the fact that I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to get the camera to love me. It won't lemme take the dates off =\
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1. sketchbook drivel; last unicorn and the red bull -- will be personal project for the upcoming break (watercolours on illustration board) -- some sort of inking pen over non-photo blue pencil; prismacolor pencil overlay

2. concept: 50/50 -- turned out great! craft: 50/50 -- nice and clean (1/2 late x2 -10) 90/100 B; 2-D Design Concepts homework. Create a piece of work using three 'textures', any way you like. Base it upon the animal you choose from the bowl (got horse). Materials: Page 924 (Photo-Photographers) from the Richmond-Metro 2005 yellow pages; yellow and orange highlighters, black micron inkpen, white gel pen, Paris-France from 1972 National Geographic and the hair of a girl studying in said city from said National Geographic.

As far as the piece I was working on last night/this morning, it has been turned in. We shall never speak of it again.

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