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It's not coming along fast enough. I'm glad I went with Plan B.

The white fluff is dorset wool that I'm slowly getting to look like the bottom jaw of the sheep. Who will, eventually, be able to hold the teddy bear's leg in it's mouth.
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I don't know how many times I've poked myself with the needle felting tool with these. And they're tiny, really. The, uh, sheep and teddy bear, not the needle felting tools. But they're small, too.

Background noise? Oh, that's a coloured pencil piece I started at the beginning of November thinking I'd finish it easily. Whoops. Reindeer :x
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For some odd reason I keep relating my illustration project to [livejournal.com profile] theevilstellie and her son Xander :P

Crappy photo of my fingers and the needle felted sheepie....

I've started knitting up that orange and brown yarn. Definitely harsh on one's fingers, that's for sure. It'll turn out an awesome grocery napsack, though. The ball of light orange is that bit Chris had spun and I traded out some of my thin yarn for.... And that's my orange book bag on the floor. Yes, I have a love for the colour orange, bite me :P

Old scrap that I don't think I ever posted.... Another old scrap that resides in the large sketchbook. I've dedicated that one to centaurs only... I think I posted one of them a while back ago, but she's over a year old, now.

Yay, all done. Time for more work.
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BIG FAT EDIT that belongs near the top: Here we are, then. Up for grabs on FurBid... we'll see how that goes. Link to auction.

FOR SALE. Contact me (or leave comment) if interested. Sorry, this is the best photo I have of this piece (and, unfortunately, I won't be able to use this piece in my portfolio because I don't know of anyone who has a camera and I won't be able to get mum back to the studio before April 1st).

I cannot remember the dimensions, but I believe that they are 32"x28"; oils and acrylics on canvas; sheep in sunset on snow.

18 hours of work in this, but it was worth it :D

(...please don't say demon llamas -- they're kerry hill/western dorset subset sheep. I get enough of the demon llamas from my studio-mates ;) )

We're doing 'abstract' art in studio and have been since day one (January).

Steps (instructions) were as follows:
01. Make a field of marks that vary in size, shape, thickness -- none may touch any of the others, but the entire sheet of paper must be covered.
02. Hand off your sheet of paper to a neighbor.
03. Your neighbor erases all but three (3) of your most interesting 'mark' clusters and makes five (5) shapes of their own; preferably interesting ones.
04. Hand back.
05. Choose three (3) of those five (5) your neighbor made. Reform two of those remaining three to include at least one (1) fully rendered/shaded shape and one (1) 'wire-frame' shape.
06. Go wild with the rest just as long as it's figurative and doesn't allude to anything. (Preferably, please the professor.)

OKAY. And the last day we were working on this particular piece... ugh. Someone said that my can of worms in the bottom right scared them. Why?

Because they thought that they did not look like worms, but like two deformed and diseased penii. And after they said that, I couldn't get around them with any other thing. So the professor said that they would be fine in the corner and just erase all of the other crap that didn't work well with them :Because that little 'phallic' symbol was 'nitty-gritty' while everything else I was doing on the paper was very precise and confined. Eh.

I didn't draw the 'worms'. That was what the neighbor did. -_-;

This is my interpretation of 'abuse' from my 3-D class last semester. We had to represent a social issue in sculpture.

Sculpey, super sculpey, aluminum wire, copper wire plated with acrylic paint, toilet-paper mush (and other things I'll just disregard now -- I had to fix the two fore-legs after they cracked to pieces... bah), gold sequins, acrylic paints. And if you really want to know, there are no eyes. There are only stitches where the eyes should be -- "Blinded by rage."

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