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That's why I shouldn't be allowed to draw during class. I get nothing done, I just doodle. Sure, it's on topic... but I can't use it for my final.

Ball point pen in my sketchbook.
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For some odd reason I keep relating my illustration project to [livejournal.com profile] theevilstellie and her son Xander :P

Crappy photo of my fingers and the needle felted sheepie....

I've started knitting up that orange and brown yarn. Definitely harsh on one's fingers, that's for sure. It'll turn out an awesome grocery napsack, though. The ball of light orange is that bit Chris had spun and I traded out some of my thin yarn for.... And that's my orange book bag on the floor. Yes, I have a love for the colour orange, bite me :P

Old scrap that I don't think I ever posted.... Another old scrap that resides in the large sketchbook. I've dedicated that one to centaurs only... I think I posted one of them a while back ago, but she's over a year old, now.

Yay, all done. Time for more work.
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Next up, we've spades. Eight/Morgaine fits the role quite nicely :P I hate myself for putting colour into it, now... but I couldn't find my flesh prismacolor marker and settled for coloured pencils... hence my hating it T-T
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Black and red ball point pens, yay. Sketchbook fodder from March-ish, taken and inked proper instead of left to rot in simple sketchy light pencil work. I got bored... nothing stays 'sketchy' in my sketchbook for too long.

From this sketch (instead of the original one) I can see that, even though tule(sp? I don't use the stuff) would be just dandy as part of the skirt... I think that a pair of high-ruff pantaloons would work better in this piece. Because I've always wanted to make a pair, anyway :D

P.S. Seven/La'Wran will eventually kill me, of course, but I'll run away when that time comes.

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