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When watercolours won't behave, pull out the ink pen and Prismacolors.
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Finished, for now. Time to move to the next section.

Prang watercolours with Winsor and Newton process black + Van Gogh burnt umber. On T.H.Saunders 140lb hot press watercolour paper. 9.5"x5"

I seriously need to refine my children-sketching abilities. Heck, people in general, I need to get better at drawing people.

Next semester's task .-.
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Note to self: Remember the illustration board from now on.

Watercolours ROCK. I have so much work to do before monday at noon :D

Thursday I find out results for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival cover art competition. Keep your fingers crossed.
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The cosmic energies should be starting to move in your direction when it comes to social and communication matters, and you should soon be able to figure out a new way to solve an old problem. Some issues that have been causing you a certain amount of anxiety could finally be starting to ease up a bit, and your intuition ought to be able to serve you very well right now.

Ah, yes. Working on my illustration project -- little boy sleeping! And, omg, tiny hairs by a tiny little 10/0 brush! Individual tiny little black hairs on that boy's head xx;

Tiny little fingers!

Its good to be back in watercolours again.
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It's not coming along fast enough. I'm glad I went with Plan B.

The white fluff is dorset wool that I'm slowly getting to look like the bottom jaw of the sheep. Who will, eventually, be able to hold the teddy bear's leg in it's mouth.
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I don't know how many times I've poked myself with the needle felting tool with these. And they're tiny, really. The, uh, sheep and teddy bear, not the needle felting tools. But they're small, too.

Background noise? Oh, that's a coloured pencil piece I started at the beginning of November thinking I'd finish it easily. Whoops. Reindeer :x
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That's why I shouldn't be allowed to draw during class. I get nothing done, I just doodle. Sure, it's on topic... but I can't use it for my final.

Ball point pen in my sketchbook.
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For some odd reason I keep relating my illustration project to [livejournal.com profile] theevilstellie and her son Xander :P

Crappy photo of my fingers and the needle felted sheepie....

I've started knitting up that orange and brown yarn. Definitely harsh on one's fingers, that's for sure. It'll turn out an awesome grocery napsack, though. The ball of light orange is that bit Chris had spun and I traded out some of my thin yarn for.... And that's my orange book bag on the floor. Yes, I have a love for the colour orange, bite me :P

Old scrap that I don't think I ever posted.... Another old scrap that resides in the large sketchbook. I've dedicated that one to centaurs only... I think I posted one of them a while back ago, but she's over a year old, now.

Yay, all done. Time for more work.
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Because I can :P Reposting the two I've posted before (there are differences now, so don't think I'm just posting for no reason....) and all are click for bigger.

Last bit was me trying to figure out how I wanted to draw her :\

Working on sculpture project today. Due 9am Friday. Wish me luck D:
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Because I'm silly I'm going to post all of my drawings from Imagery for Children that I've not yet posted as scans. Other than two, one of which I stupidly deleted and one of which won't scan properly.

Christmas Tree -- the little shepherdess and her cheeky sheep... crow quill nib, speedball black acrylic ink -- done on thin charcoal paper.

Snow Monster -- the little shepherdess out in the snow (response to Snow Shepherdess... of which I stupidly deleted). Crow quill nib, black acrylic ink, washed with watered down speedball black acrylic ink. Watercolour paper.

...that's a branch with dried leaves sticking out of the monster's mouth, btw, to simulate fire being breathed onto the snow sheep :P

Stippled tiger of DOOM -- stippling is the use of a bunch of little dots to create a larger image. I'm insane for liking the technique as it takes forever. I don't have forever.

Close-up of the tiger's face just so you can see how insane I really am. Crow quill nib, speedball black acrylic ink -- strathmore illustration board, 8.5"x11".

Something I'm working on for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Kinda large (beware). Not sure if I'll ever have time to actually finish it, though. Crow quill nib, speedball acrylic inks in black and white. 8.5"x11" burgandy Mi-Teintes paper by Canson.
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30% view. 70% done. Coming along.
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I know it's large... :x

I'm still working on that HUGE image. I'm tired of hearing about Michael Jackson. I'm doing my best to stay away from those Doctor Who spoilers on [livejournal.com profile] doctorwho since I've only seen up to episode seven. I'm doing my very best to get enough sleep (and failing horribly, it seems). And I'm quite obsessed with both spinning wool into yarn and playing Cave Story.

I want a set of double-ended knitting needles -- I can't find my old ones :\

...kinda need to make a new layout for M-C.com, too. I know what I want for it, but I can't seem to *DO* it. Because I'm digitally moved to *paint* and I want it to be sketchy, like it was done with heavy inks. Bah :\
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My lace-weight yarn is driving me insane... because it is lace-weight. Ish. That's two-ply in grease (unwashed, raw wool) yarn knitted with American size 7 knitting needles. Ten stitches across. One inch. By, uh... about seven inches, I guess (I'm too lazy to go about finding one of my rulers... they're in one of my boxes. Somewhere)... random stitches. And stockinette! Because I just learned how with straight needles. After having knitted for ten years.

And because I am boldly moving into the textiles, I'm reading up on business stuff. No touchy, it's mine. Love my books.

Cross-posted to [livejournal.com profile] spinningfiber. Because I can.


I've gotten a few pictures together of what little progress I've made on the watercolour... eh. I hope I am motivated soon to get it finished because I really do like it.

Cut because there are too many pictures floating about as it is =P )
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Bigger image here. )

Remember, folks -- this is mouse-drawn. I've spent a total of about ten hours on this so far. It's 4000x3000 pixels. No joke. Each one of those rocks is hand drawn with the mouse, too.
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No new update for the watercolour painting, just a little digital piece I'm working on -- it's 4000px by 3000px. For the OekakiCentral contest going on right now.

Mum told me to have the villainous beast(s) be attack geese. I'm thinking about it.

In other news, M-C.com is down. I don't know when it will be back up, my host is... gone? oO; And I hope to get the watercolour finished by the end of the week. Here's hoping.
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Coming along.
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Watercolours, this time. Coming along pretty decently and I'm having a blast with my corner, there :D (...yeah, just forget about my corner, it's suggestive colour/form)
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Working, still! Finally have it out of the sketchbook and onto illustration board (omg that stuff's expensive :x ) and this is where it is, currently. Paper is 22"x10", just so you know. Oh, and acrylic paint. Oy. At least I can say they're better than gouache!

*fixes image so it doesn't stretch [livejournal.com profile] drazzi's friends page*

Finished product )

Utter failure. Stayed up all night for this and, bah. I should have slept -- I could have chunked this together in the afternoon before class. Oh well, live and learn. And remember to get a better shade of yellow in your paints. Canary yellow is right bit nasty for primary mixing -- red in there never makes a proper orange. You get a sort of horrible salmon colour, instead.

Biology exam at 8am, so there's no use sleeping now.

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