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So there's the book cover. Watercolours and gouache over pen and ink on watercolour paper. The scanner isn't acting properly so I took what ended up being a rather blurry picture of it. Who cares, anyway, right? I'll end up finding a properly working scanner soon and I'll impose the title and so forth digitally.

And there's the HUNTERS SUCK yarn. 102 yards, two-ply, not for sale. In response to [livejournal.com profile] fiber_friday's prompt 'Leftovers' for December 2nd. Kool-Aid dyed scottish black face wool plyed with a natural brown English Leicester, Salish, and Merino cross wool. Harsh and soft all rolled into one.

That's all for now. Time to go work on my sculpture final. And possibly dinner.
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Thirty-seven yards of yarn -- from a dorset ewe. Fine. Will be used for a bit of sweater I've started.

Kersti: I think it must be yarn porn, for parental controls won't lemme see it.
Stellie: LOL
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My lace-weight yarn is driving me insane... because it is lace-weight. Ish. That's two-ply in grease (unwashed, raw wool) yarn knitted with American size 7 knitting needles. Ten stitches across. One inch. By, uh... about seven inches, I guess (I'm too lazy to go about finding one of my rulers... they're in one of my boxes. Somewhere)... random stitches. And stockinette! Because I just learned how with straight needles. After having knitted for ten years.

And because I am boldly moving into the textiles, I'm reading up on business stuff. No touchy, it's mine. Love my books.

Cross-posted to [livejournal.com profile] spinningfiber. Because I can.


I've gotten a few pictures together of what little progress I've made on the watercolour... eh. I hope I am motivated soon to get it finished because I really do like it.

Cut because there are too many pictures floating about as it is =P )
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Lint thinks homemade yarn is interesting... he also thinks lanolin-covered fingers are tasty.

And for those of you wondering... I did finish that Doctor Who cutouts thing for 2-D design concepts. I haven't bothered to scan it because... uh... it's a pain in the ass trying to use the other computer. It's sooooo sloooooow.

Remember kiddies -- each square is 2"x2" (total of 10"x10" worked space) of 1-ply black cardstock. Cut carefully. And pasted onto white illustration board.

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